Get the perfect roll.

Get the perfect roll.

Smokes longer than your best blunt.

Smokes longer than your best blunt.

Our cannabis cigar mold delivers an epic, slow-burning smoke - every time.

Get the perfect roll

Roll like a pro: perfect roll every time

Burns up to 3x slower

Lasts longer than your hand-rolls

Smooth inhale

Easy airflow for a better smoke

You're in a toxic relationship

and you don't even know it

You might not notice how much time you waste rolling blunts - spend that time doing what you love instead. Stop rolling back to back & enjoy your smoke longer with Purple Rose Supply.

Introducing your new favorite smoking accessory:

Introducing your new favorite smoking accessory:

Our Cannagar Molds feels like 3 joints in 1, without the rolling hassle.

Spend more time smoking, and less time rolling.

How to Make Perfect Cannabis Cigars:

How to Make Perfect
Cannabis Cigars:


Compress your flower


Easily wrap around your core


Spark up your slow-burning cigar

How It Works:

How It Works:

Fire needs air to spread.
More air = fire spreading quicker

Cannagars burn slower than regular joints because they are tightly packed, reducing air pockets.

This tight packing means less air fuels the burn, so your weed lasts longer, letting you savor every bit and save both time and money.

The central skewer ensures just enough airflow for an even burn without wasting your flower.


What Our Customers Say:

What Our Customers Say:

Robert K.

"The 1-2 gram canna mold is perfect for the solo smoker that likes to smoke a few throughout the day and doesn’t like clipping their joints,Dutch’s, or wraps. It lasts on average about a half hour to 45 minutes depending on the strain. I haven’t stopped using it since I got it!"

Marvin H.

"All three sessions lasted over 40 mins. It's still easy and convenient to make, let alone cost-efficient, as cannagars burn 20 mins longer with the same amount of a hand rolled blunt. Definitely great for social smoking. It burns so smooth and pulls beautifully!"

William M.

"Amazing job and ease of use. Can’t believe how beautiful this works and smokes. Perfect joint every time! Wrap it in an wrap, paper, flower it doesn’t matter it’s going to be the best thing you’ve ever smoked."